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Device Management Option

Business is increasingly going mobile. Small, medium and large enterprises are harnessing the power and flexibility of handheld devices and becoming increasingly competitive.

More employee devices would normally mean more administrative and security tasks. Fortunately, with Proget's Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, managing and protecting your team's equipment is easy and cost-effective.
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Connect all your devices
Monitor mobile devices through a single, user-friendly interface
Choose which apps to allow and which to block
Keep track of device locations
Instantly secure devices in case of theft or loss

A Security Risk You Cannot Ignore

Mobile devices nowadays are just as powerful as laptops and computers. They are also equally vulnerable to data breaches and theft. Protecting your business' mobile devices is just as important as securing your servers and premises. Your employees can't forget a server on a cafe table or on a bus, but their phone - that's another story.

No matter whether your business is local or global, security management should be a top priority. Stolen or lost data can lead to expensive and embarrassing repercussions that no business can afford.

In an increasingly competitive environment, leveraging portability to improve productivity without compromising security is vital. With the MDM software offered by Proget, this challenge is simplified in an affordable way.

An Integrated & Multi-System Solution

Our MDM application is designed by and for system administrators. It provides a unified console that manages numerous devices and operating systems. These include Apple, Android Enterprise, and Samsung Knox.

Based on the requirements of your operations, our software can be integrated in order to simplify the changeover process and limit any downtime.

Whether you need to configure basic settings across all or some of your connected devices or push a security update throughout your network, Proget can help you accomplish this with minimal effort.

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A Feature-Rich Solution

Proget's Mobile Device Management solution is packed with useful and creative features, including ones tailored to specific business needs. With this flexible approach, we ensure that the requirements of your enterprise are catered for, and you won't need to look elsewhere for additional management tools.

One of our most popular features is Containerization. This feature separates personal data from sensitive information. As a result, it would be possible for your employees to use their own devices for work purposes. At the same time, administrators can manage and monitor the devices and the business data that they are accessing.

Mobile device tracking is another key feature of our solution. Commonly used in cases that involve the loss or theft of a device, this feature is also useful to logistics organizations that are looking to track shipments and vehicle locations.

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Omni System

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Flexible Pricing

We won't let pricing stand in the way of your security, which is why we offer affordable pricing.