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What is Proget?

Proget is a proprietary EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution for managing a fleet of corporate mobile devices. It is distinguished by a simple and intuitive administration console, available in several languages.

What does Proget deliver?

Application control
Device management
Audit and reporting

Why it matters?

Application control

Proget enables organizations to take manage and control applications on mobile devices. Applications can be delivered from an application store and can be configured to be installed automatically or manually by the device user. Applications can be both white and black listed. It is important for both security and management to ensure that all applications in use are the latest version, as often version releases contain important security enhancements. Applications can be individually managed at a granular level, to ensure that their usage is in line with company policies. Next

Device management

Proget enables configuration of advanced security policies which can be enforced either at a group or individual device level. Profiles can be configured to deliver many of the key functions of the Proget solution, such as; Business Contacts Management, Location Services, Kiosk Mode, Mobile Threat Prevention and Geofencing to name but a few. Administrators also have the ability to use quick actions to lock a device, delete corporate data, wipe the device and also to use remote desktop to deliver support and assistance. Next

Audit and reporting

The Proget platform enables you to catalog all devices that are connected to the system Administrators can enter and get detailed information about protected devices. The system has the ability to add customised information about devices, which helps manage device history. Thanks to the systems advanced report module, administrators can generate reports with any data from the system, along with the option of configuring cyclical reporting and sending data to specified e-mail accounts. Next


Proget can create a dedicated business space on a device, which separates personal data from sensitive business data. Particularly important when users use their own device for work. As a result, administrators are able to manage and monitor the device and the business data to which it has access, whilst ensuring user privacy. Next

What can you take control of?


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What makes us different?

Other solutions
Intuitive and transparent console
Locking or limiting use of applications in motion
Automatic system updates and version control
Knox Mobile enrollment integrated within console
MTP (Mobile Threat Prevention) allowing automatic response to security incidents


100 000+

secured devices


years of experience


running servers



700 000

code lines


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Case study

Proget in logistics
Customer challenge

A leading Logistics Company issued their drivers with a tablet containing company specific applications. However, the devices were unmanaged, and it was known that drivers were downloading their own applications to the tablet for personal use. Although the company did not have a problem with this kind of usage, they were extremely concerned of the potential legal, financial and reputational damage which could be done, should a driver cause an accident by using the tablet whilst driving.

Proget solution

The customer created a white list of applications which were suitable for use whilst the vehicle was in motion, e.g navigation tools. When the vehicle was moving at a greater speed than designated by the company, all other applications were blocked and unusable. As soon as the vehicle was at a standstill, all of the applications were instantly unlocked.

The most important benefits
Application control
Image protection
Monitoring and management
BYOD in the company
Customer challenge

The increasingly rapid trend of employees using their personal devices for business, continues apace. A customer who has been managing their devices with Proget since 2015, recently decided to grant access to sensitive data, to their employee’s personal mobile devices. Whilst saving money, this decision created a significant security risk, as employees were sensitive about their private data and usage and were reluctant to allow management of their personal devices. The issue: How to provide access to corporate data without imposing excessive controls and at the same time maintaining the privacy of their employees.

Proget solution

Proget enabled the customer to containerize their business data on the personal device, creating a secure, encrypted space, within which configured business applications, along with the company's application store and all other necessary data were stored. The solution had no access to any personal data or applications, thus ensuring privacy for the employee.

The most important benefits
BYOD support
Secure access to data
Employee privacy
Audit and control
Customer challenge

Mobile devices according to a recent Verizon report, are the least secure part of a company's infrastructure. It is easy to overlook the small computer in your pocket, which can have the same or similar access rights to sensitive data, as the laptop sitting on your desk. The proliferation of differing mobile devices, operating systems and applications, present challenges which are difficult to keep pace with. Often the job of keeping track of and managing these devices becomes an additional responsibility for an already over-worked IT department. These challenges only multiply when employees insist on using their own personal devices.

Proget solution

The Proget platform is able to pair devices with a specific user, which allows personalized or group management of a fleet of mobile devices. Using a simple intuitive console, security policies can be quickly and easily implemented, bringing peace of mind to over-worked IT managers.

The most important benefits
Equipment audit
Control over the equipment
Flexible reports

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