Cost control

Optimizing mobility management costs

Control expenses without losing flexibility

Phones, tablets or laptops have quickly become standard tools for doing business – giving employees access to a range of resources, such as applications or data, from anywhere. This has provided enterprises with not only greater mobility, but also flexibility. However, without proper management, these advantages can quickly become a burden, especially financially. Wanting to keep expenses under control while harnessing the full potential of mobility in business, it is worth implementing the Proget system as a key component of effective cost management in any organization.

Cut the cost of everyday IT team operations

The need to control the growing number of devices, their rotation, and the cyclical replacement of hardware takes administrators an enormous amount of time. The Proget solution makes it possible to distribute devices and applications quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, in a completely remote manner. It automates routine processes and necessary updates, allowing IT specialists to be involved in more advanced projects. It, therefore, reduces the time and effort they have to spend on device management, improving departmental efficiency, sealing the policies applied, and enhancing corporate security. As a result, the growing equipment fleet can be handled without expanding the team.

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Reduce roaming expenses with Connectivity Profile and policies

Whitelist of countries
and contacts
Specify in which countries and for which contacts you allow the use of company packet data. You can add a list of MCC and MNC codes manually or import them from a CSV file.
Mobile data
Allow users to use the device’s corporate packet data, or block this capability. Enforce the use of connection rules for mobile data transmission.
Calls, SMS
and MMS
Allow incoming and outgoing
calls on the device, as well as 
receiving and sending SMS and
MMS messages – or block all
of these options.

Quickly deploy and configure new devices

Auto-enrollment, a unique feature of the Proget solution, significantly reduces the cost and time associated with deploying many mobile devices in a company. It enables efficient, massive, and remote imposition of configuration and security on devices so that equipment is ready for use within minutes after unboxing or performing a factory reset. This eliminates the need for administrators to configure each device manually and reduces the time that equipment remains unused, generating storage costs, for example.

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Limit the cost of equipment downtime

The remote desktop available in Proget allows administrators to diagnose and repair malfunctioning mobile devices from anywhere. This reduces costly downtime and saves the expense of an IT specialist traveling to the site of the malfunction or shipping the equipment for service. In addition, with information about the status of devices in the system, you can identify equipment that is nearing the end of its usage or lifespan – and plan for its replacement before a failure or potential malfunction occurs.

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Prevent incident-related damage

Security incidents can carry high costs associated with compromising the integrity of sensitive data, imposing financial penalties on the company, and rebuilding reputation and customer trust. The Mobile Threat Prevention Profile in Proget makes it possible to remotely monitor and protect sensitive information and, if a threat is detected, automatically respond to the incident. Proget also lets you act preventively in the event of equipment loss or theft, allowing you to quickly and remotely lock the device and delete data from it.

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