Partnership program

Explore the benefits of working with Proget

Unique solution
Your customers will gain access to a competitive mobile device management solution available on-premise or in the cloud.
Standard of cooperation
We work according to standardized processes, and every partner can count on the same standard of cooperation.
Partnership discount
By signing a partnership agreement and joining the program, you will receive a discount and a number of additional benefits.
Free access to the system
Get free access to the Proget system. Use it for customer presentations and to manage mobility in your company.
Reliable support
You can count on us at every stage of the project. We provide presentations, sales, consulting, and implementation support.
Introductory trainings
We provide product and sales training to keep you always up to date with the system.

Bet on a unique solution and a certified manufacturer

At Proget, we combine mobile device management and security in a single All-in-One platform. Working with us means fast deployment, seamless fleet maintenance, and achieving compliance goals at record speed. We guarantee a smoother user experience for your users, increased productivity for your IT department, and customer satisfaction. We operate under ISO 27001, so you can rest assured that your customers’ data security is maintained at the highest level.

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Develop your competencies and earn additional income

With us, you can develop your competence through technical and certified training. Having a Proget System Administrator on your team can earn you a higher affiliate discount. You can also earn by providing technical support services for Proget System (such as remote sessions or outsourcing).

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Technical training
The package includes advanced technical training in mobile device management using Proget. Each participant receives official confirmation of participation in the training.
Certified training
It includes technical training and, upon completion, a practical exam. Partners who obtain the title of Proget System Administrator can provide the first line of technical support for Proget system.

Start working with us today

Do you have experience distributing hardware, software or consulting services in the IT industry? Join the ranks of our partners! Proget will allow you to expand your offerings with an innovative MDM solution widely used in business and the private sector. Fill in the form and find the full terms and conditions of working with our company.

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