Effective MDM for logistics and transportation

Kiosk mode

Manage applications and device usage

The inability to assign specific applications on corporate devices or to block certain programs can result in equipment misuse. The Proget system, through Kiosk mode, allows you to limit the use of a device to only a specific set of applications, such as business applications and those for navigation and communication. Using the same mode, multiple employees can successfully use a single specialized device, and for each of them, the administrator will be able to prepare a dedicated account and workspace.

Proget mobility management for transportation and logistics, womenav with tablet scans cargo on the warehouse floor
Remote support

Support employees anytime, anywhere

Many transportation and logistics organizations provide services globally, resulting in a widely dispersed equipment fleet when making deliveries. In the event of hardware or application problems, it becomes crucial to provide immediate assistance. The remote desktop feature allows you to quickly take control of a device, regardless of location, and navigate its screen precisely as if the administrator had the phone in hand. As a result, employees operating in the field or on dispersed warehouse floors can count on full support from the IT department, regardless of their location.

Proget Remote app desktop, view on laptop and phone
Apps on the move

Ensure the safety of drivers

The Proget system offers a unique feature for blocking applications in motion based on analyzing the speed at which the device (and its user) is moving. This feature makes it easier to provide protection to drivers. As the speed increases, only those apps that the administrator deems most necessary while driving remain active – making the driver not only more focused but also safer.

Proget mobility management for transport and logistics, tablet truck driver

Control the location of your entire corporate fleet

Proget allows tracking the location of devices in three modes: on-demand, time interval, or on the move, creating a history of the device’s movement. The solution also allows you to configure the day and time when the location will be retrieved. The administrator can request a specific address, not just GPS coordinates. This functionality gives IT professionals an overall view of where individual devices belonging to the company are located. If a device is lost, the location data in the system allows an attempt to recover the equipment.

Proget mobility management for transport and logistics, truck on overpass

Manage everything remotely

Proget functionalities device sharing
Device sharing
Create a dedicated work
space: on one device, for
many users.
Proget functionalities address book
Address book
Distribute and automatically update contacts on all company devices.
Proget functionalities Mobile Threat Prevention
Mobile Threat Prevention
Set up automatic responses to security incidents and act preventively.
Proget functionalities auto-enrollment


Deploy new devices remotely, quickly and in bulk. Configure them in line with company policy.
Proget functionalities policies
Set and impose different rules: for specific groups of users or selected devices.
Proget functionalities BYOD support
BYOD support
Secure business data on private devices implemented in the BYOD model.
Proget functionalities audit and inventory of devices
Inventory of devices
Keep an inventory of equipment, control the history of use and turnover of equipment.
Proget functionalities device locking
Device locking
Completely lock down any device you lose control of in case it is lost or stolen.

Certified vendor and direct support for all functionalities

When you work with Proget, you can rest assured that the security of your company’s data is maintained at the highest level and that all activities and processes implemented result from well-thought-out and continuously improved procedures. Choose consciously and bet on a provider that undergoes regular certifications and operates under ISO 27001.

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Reliable technical support
You can access technical support as early as when you test the system. We provide full support for all the functionality in the Proget console.
Pre-sales consultations
Take advantage of free assistance from our engineers and learn about the functionalities that meet your needs, while you are still testing the system.
Efficient and fast migration
Free yourself from the time-consuming process. By using proven procedures and ready-made applications, we will limit user interaction to just a few clicks.
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