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Choose a report type or configure your own

Proget gives you the option to select different types of reports from a predefined list, or create your own to include specific data as needed. The reports will allow you to track and save various aspects of your equipment management, enabling you to develop a strategy and provide a baseline for analyzing and optimizing your processes.

Proget console on the tablet, tab with 'Make a report' window

Inventory data

Device ID and alias, manufacturer, model, operating system, serial number, IMEI number.


Battery health, info on internal storage and the amount of currently available memory.

Status and activation

Device status, date of activation, type of registration, info about functioning in supervised mode.


Last location, last contact with the device, SIM card information or the device lock.

  • List of installed applications.
  • Index of business applications that have been installed on or assigned to devices.
  • Versions of applications and tools: Proget, Samsung Knox, Firmware, Bootloader.
  • User identification information: ID, first and last name.
  • Contact information: e-mail address.
  • User type.
  • Groups assigned.
  • Data about inactive devices.
  • Device security status.
  • Policies applied.
  • Security patches and their versions.
  • Encryption.

Schedule automatic reports delivery

You can generate reports on demand or set up a schedule to automate the running, generating, and sending of the collected data entirely. Schedule the document to be created and sent repeatedly as you wish – daily, on selected days of the week, or according to a set time interval. The file will be delivered directly to your inbox and all email addresses added to the distribution list in the console.

icon of update, e-mail envelope, calendar

Set the format and storage period

The Proget solution allows you to export reports in two convenient formats, CSV and PDF, giving you control over how your data is presented. In addition, you can decide on the orientation of the document to suit your preferences. A feature related to report history enables you to control the storage time after which the reports will be deleted from the system.

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