Data security

Highest standard in protecting
sensitive information

Check security statuses

Proget provides an overview of all company devices deployed to the system from a single, intuitive console. It allows you to check their integrity and compliance, thereby increasing the security of your organization’s data. The most important information about the status and number of devices (divided into safe and out of compliance) is visible on the dashboard right after logging in. More detailed data is collected in the ‘Security’ tab – it can be filtered and sorted as needed. In addition, the security status for a specific device is also available from its tab.

screen with view of Proget console, security tab

Ensure that rules are enforced and followed

Proget allows you to create and impose policies that define usage conditions for devices deployed to the console. Depending on the type of device activation selected, policies can include requirements for passwords, locking and encryption of devices, or permit the use of particular functionality. Policies can be applied to specific groups of users, for example, assigning more or less restrictive rules for given roles. Using policies makes it possible to impose, enforce and thus comply with company procedures and regulations.

application control, application policy
Remotely monitor and control devices, applications and data from one console.
Set and impose different rules: for specific groups of users or selected devices.
Secure business data on private devices implemented in the BYOD model.
Mobile Threat
Set up automatic responses to security incidents and act preventively.

Protect data on devices deployed in BYOD model

BYOD policy poses security threats to business data. The Proget system allows you to divide device space into Profiles – Personal, managed by the employee, and Work, managed by the organization. This isolates company data and applications from the private zone, allowing administrators to manage the business space on the device. This way, the employee can use their preferred hardware, and the company can control and protect sensitive data.

data security, Personal and Work Profile on mobile devices

Set up automatic responses to incidents

For large and dispersed fleets, ongoing control and security of mobile devices can be challenging. The Mobile Threat Prevention Profile in Proget monitors devices, applications, and the network for potential security threats. It also allows you to select and configure automatic responses to detected incidents, such as installing an unauthorized app or connecting to an unknown WiFi network. MTP guarantees comprehensive protection against threats even when a device is offline, eliminating the risk of security vulnerabilities.

a shield icon with the word 'MTP' and a password-protected phone

Additional security capabilities

Protect against loss or theft
Remotely lock the lost device, erase data from it and reset it to factory settings.
Secure with backups
Back up your contacts, SMS and MMS messages and call log and restore them when needed.
Configure VPN Profile
Establish secure access
to sensitive corporate data behind a network gateway.

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