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Managing Samsung devices

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The Proget solution enables administrators to effectively control and protect
the company’s fleet of Samsung-branded smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices.
With this combination, businesses can reap the benefits of modern technologies with
the confidence that they are appropriately managed and protected.

A higher level of Android management

In response to the needs of business customers, Samsung has developed a set of tools for managing devices that run on Android. Samsung Knox greatly expands the fundamental security capabilities included in the Android Enterprise platform. Working in conjunction with the various services offered by Knox, Proget will ensure that your company maintains the highest standard of security and the broadest range of management for your fleet of Samsung devices: by supporting features that only the hardware manufacturer can provide.

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Hardware protection built
into Samsung devices, including, among others:
  • Knox Warranty Bit – detecting system integrity violations and marking devices as compromised.
  • Knox TIMA – a set of integrity measurement tools based on TrustZone.
Additional services expanding the management and configuration capabilities of Samsung devices, including:
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Knox Configure
  • Knox E-FOTA

Gain even more with Proget system integrations

KSP is a Proget-enabled application that supports Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) features. Use this plug-in to deploy existing and new KPE features as they become available. With the Proget console, you’ll gain better control over their activation and distribution on managed devices.

Proget streamlines the deployment of Samsung-branded devices (Device Owner and Profile Owner activations) by supporting KME. This is the fastest and most automated way to register a large number of company equipment. Eliminate the need to interact with each device physically. Register them with KME and get them directly into the hands of end users. Employees will be able to use the equipment right out of the box – all they have to do is go through a simple installation and login process, during which the device will also be automatically added to the Proget console.

It’s a cloud-based service that allows businesses to remotely customize and configure Samsung devices. Adapt your company’s hardware for specialized use in Kiosk mode, impose settings and corporate branding (including home screen and lock screen wallpaper, startup and shutdown animations, app and shortcut placement).

Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA) allows you to manage operating system updates on Samsung devices. Using E-FOTA in connection with Proget, you’ll ensure the continuity of applications needed to maintain business processes – especially software developed for your business, which can run unstably after an OS update. E-FOTA will allow you to test each patch and update on a test group of devices to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Comprehensive solution for the most demanding

Together with Samsung, we provide a solution that enables secure device and asset management among uniformed services. Certified devices and the Proget system allow using the ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit/Tactical Assault Kit) app. This intuitive mapping solution improves, among other things, the supervision of missions carried out by soldiers, services, or search groups. It also gives the ability to determine their location using GPS and provides access to interactive task area maps and information sharing. Integrating ATAK with the Proget solution on Samsung’s rugged equipment offers a comprehensive tool for executing established strategies while maintaining complete security.

a man holding a phone running the ATAK app

What will your next step be?

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