Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management in business

Proget mobility management, phone, rugged device, laptop
Diversified devices and systems
Managing smartphones, tablets,
laptops, and rugged devices
all in one place.
Proget mobility management, phone and tablet
BYOD policy support
Complete corporate data security, regardless of the ownership model of the device.
Proget mobility management, screen with console
All-in-One solution
A package of functionalities
developed in one console, at no additional cost.

Simple registration
and quick setup

Take advantage of zero-touch registration and manage your devices right out of the box. You can quickly configure registered equipment, imposing policies that meet your organization’s standards and guidelines. You can set up the company’s Wi-Fi, certificates, VPN, and business email profiles to ensure access to corporate resources. You’ll also instantly provide users with company apps and create a store of tools necessary for each department’s work.

Proget mobility management, easy and fast configuration

Devices and systems
under control

Maintaining security on various mobile devices with disparate operating systems and ownership models can take time and effort. Proget simplifies this process by providing centralized and remote management of all your company’s assets, including those on devices deployed in BYOD, COPE, COBO, and other models. Take advantage of the advanced functionality of the All-in-One platform, which will give you the freedom to manage leading operating systems from the Proget console at no extra charge.

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Everything you need for effective management


Deploy new devices remotely, quickly and in bulk. Configure them in line with company policy.
Mobile Threat Prevention
Set up automatic responses to security incidents and act preventively.
Application management
Control the content of your device for installed applications, create whitelists and blacklists.
Remote support
Use a remote desktop and support users with problems on the device.
Inventory of devices
Keep an inventory of equipment, control the history of use and turnover of equipment.
Set and impose different rules: for specific groups of users or selected devices.
Apps on the move
Block applications based on the speed of the device they are installed on.
Get detailed summaries
of system data, set up periodic reports sent to e-mail addresses.
Address book
Distribute and automatically update contacts on all company devices.
BYOD support
Secure business data on private devices implemented in the BYOD model.
Kiosk mode
Lock the device to a specific function to run a selected application or a set.
Gain control over where devices are located, including those that are constantly in motion.
Device locking
Completely lock down any device you lose control of in case it is lost or stolen.
Data erasure
Remotely erase data
and reset devices to their
factory settings.

Designate a virtual area where you can trigger various device actions thanks to GPS.
VPN configuration
Configure access to local company resources remotely and efficiently.

Absolute security

Easily manage devices and data with the Proget platform. Ensure device-level encryption to stop potential threats. Act proactively to prevent data loss and takeover. Apply password policies to ensure all devices are secured to company standards. Proget will also allow you to lock down specific functions within a group or on selected devices if necessary.

password-protected computer and phone screen, shield with MDM 2FA inscription

Cost optimisation

Proget simplifies the management of mobile devices, saving time and effort while allowing you to handle a growing number of devices without having to expand your IT team. The system reduces costs by enabling remote desktop control of devices. It also helps minimize roaming expenses by reducing data transmission or enforcing a policy restricting use outside a specified area. Proget offers remote monitoring and protection of business information, reducing the risk of security breaches. Overall, it helps manage expenses effectively and enhances any organization’s security.

time and cost optimization, clock, coin story, target icon, globe icon

Solution for all sectors

The transportation and logistics sector is now under more pressure than ever. Companies are looking for a way to balance making deliveries as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible while ensuring the safety of drivers and processing sensitive data. Utilizing the right mobility management tool can support achieving business objectives, maximizing the quality and security of services provided, and meeting legal requirements for data protection.

Success is closely linked to operational efficiency in the manufacturing industry, so companies constantly strive to increase it. Automation and robotization have gained great importance here, covering an increasing part of industrial processes. However, the human role remains irreplaceable, although it is increasingly optimized to its limits. In this context, mobile devices are becoming a key tool to support productivity.

Over the past decade, the landscape of the BFSI industry has significantly transformed. The dynamic digitization process has caused customers and employees to perform more and more operations via mobile devices. The need to comply with current legal and sector regulations (including GDPR), implement security recommendations, and optimize costs – forces administrators to look for new solutions. The Proget system responds to the abovementioned problems, offering functionalities that allow you to maintain the maximum level of data security and compliance with regulations, giving you control over costs and optimizing working time.

Providing consumers with the best possible experience translates into sales results. However, if a company’s devices are not effectively managed and protected, instead of the expected increase in revenue, they can pose a threat and generate additional costs. Implementing the Proget solution will maximize the potential of your equipment, increase staff productivity, and improve the standard of customer service, thanks to the features available in the console that are tailored to the needs of the retail and food service sectors.

Nowadays, the medical industry, which includes medical services and the production of medicine and equipment, faces increasing challenges and is under enormous strain. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing problems and accelerated the development of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. As a result, workers in the sector increasingly rely on mobile devices to have quick access to patient data and communication tools to support the delivery of quality healthcare.

Mobile devices have already become standard tools for staff who do most of their work outside the office. Portable hardware makes accessing business software from anywhere and collaborating with clients and stationary employees easier. However, mobility is both a benefit and a challenge – primarily when a company has implemented a BYOD policy, where employees use private equipment for business purposes.

The positive trend of digitization observed in the public sector means that more and more data is moving to electronic circulation. Today, it’s no longer just systems operating within an organization; several external applications allow citizens to deal with official matters remotely from their laptops or phones. It is also becoming popular to use mobile devices extensively in the daily work of officials, uniformed services – also as dedicated tools for specific purposes, supporting education in schools, for example. As a result, the public sector is increasingly responsible for the cyber security of the growing amount of data processed via mobile devices.

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