Rugged devices

Managing special-purpose equipment

various rugged devices, including ZEBRA tablet and scanner, Samsung tablet and smartphones, Hammer phones

Rugged devices are widely used in industries where maximum productivity and efficiency are essential. With Proget, you can manage different types of business equipment, from smartphones that perform specific functions thanks to Kiosk mode to specialized phones with attestation and typical ruggedized devices such as scanners. Control and secure your entire fleet.

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Deploy new devices remotely and in bulk

The Proget system streamlines the deployment of new equipment, whether a company has only a few specialized devices or a large fleet scattered across multiple locations. The auto-enrollment feature allows you to collectively and remotely register hundreds of rugged devices and impose consistent configurations according to your organization’s needs. Provide employees with equipment ready to go right out of the box and put it to work with minimal administrative costs.

construction worker in work attire, with reinforced tablet

Increase productivity and security
with Kiosk mode

Rugged devices deployed in multi-app mode will allow employees to use a selected set of programs predefined by the administrator. This set can consist of typical business applications, such as email, and those specific to a chosen industry. By deploying devices in multi-app mode, you can provide employees with hardware equipped with only the necessary business tools, which supports work in an environment that requires focus.

Allow employees to share a company’s ruggedized devices conveniently. With Kiosk mode, you’ll create and prepare a dedicated workspace for multiple users on a single device – making it possible for them to take over after each other when they finish their shift, for example.

Harness the full potential of mobility

Centralized management
Remotely monitor and control devices, applications and data from one console.
Address book
Distribute and automatically update contacts on all company devices.
Gain control over where devices are located, including those that are constantly in motion.
Cost reduction
Reduce costs by updating and configuring devices remotely. Limit your data usage.
VPN configuration
Configure access to local company resources remotely and efficiently.
Device locking
Completely lock down any device you lose control of in case it is lost or stolen.
Data erasure
Remotely erase data
and reset devices to their
factory settings.
Cyclical backup
Back up your contacts, messages, call log and restore them when needed.

Monitor the status of devices in one place

As the number of devices grows, administrators must spend much effort configuring them, managing their rotation, and replacing them regularly. To meet these challenges, Proget enables you to maintain an inventory of equipment in one place and track its usage history and rotation between employees. The Proget console also allows monitoring of equipment lifecycles and provides information on their current location or security status.

woman working at two screens with Proget console

Provide support and shorten downtime

construction worker with reinforced tablet, measuring instruments

Ideal solution for a wide range of industries

Logistics and transportation
Retail chains
Frontline workers
Uniformed services

What will your next step be?

Start free trial of the system and arrange a consultation with an expert
to discuss how Proget will help you meet your specific business needs.

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