Controlling the location
of the entire fleet

Monitor the position of corporate equipment

The Location Profile in the Proget system allows you to configure how the device is monitored, its location refreshed and displayed on a map. When a company’s fleet of equipment is large, dispersed, and in constant motion, viewing the location of individual devices streamlines their management and contributes to staff safety.

location, a map in the Proget console with marked locations

Locate lost devices

Mobile devices are very easy to lose and steal – according to various statistics, about 70 million smartphones are lost yearly, and only 7% are recovered. When a company loses control of a business device due to loss or theft, verifying its location can be helpful when trying to retrieve the equipment.

location, location pin and route phone

Trigger actions within a specific geographic area

The geofencing function in Proget, associated with the location service, uses the GPS signal to create a virtual boundary of an actual geographical area within which specific actions on devices can be triggered – for example, assigning them an additional policy or profile that will block connecting to Wi-Fi networks or using the camera on the company premises.

For companies with a large number of mobile employees (drivers, sales representatives, etc.), geofencing allows, for example, to control access to company packet data, depending on the device’s current location. When the user leaves the designated area, the system can automatically assign the device a dedicated profile that blocks mobile data use, effectively reducing roaming costs.

phone with a view of the Proget app, information about the locked device, and beside it a map with a location pin and the geographical area marked
Assign policy
Assign profile
Notify user
Lock the device
Wipe device
Wipe company data

Gather location data in different ways

Proget allows you to track the location of devices in three different modes: on demand, in a time interval, or in motion, creating a history of equipment movement. The solution also lets you configure the day and time when the location will be downloaded. The administrator can request a specific address, not just GPS coordinates.

location, device movement history

Utilize advanced capabilities of the All-in-One system

Location is a feature developed as part of the Proget system; thus, we can talk about our solution as an All-in-One platform. This means that you will get access to location at no extra charge as part of the purchased license. Moreover, you’ll also get our full technical support for this feature – we won’t send you back to the end service provider because we are it. Freely manage everything that is important to your organization with Proget.

Proget platform All-in-One location and geofencing functionality

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