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Proget was established in 2012 in Bielsko-Biała. Initially, the company concentrated on developing its application for managing mobile devices. Drawing from its experience with BlackBerry, Proget began building its system. Over time, the Proget solution evolved from a basic data security tool to a comprehensive platform, allowing centralized management of the most widely used mobile device systems.

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Successive growth
and expansion

For our financial results in recent years, according to Forbes magazine, we have been listed as one of Poland’s most dynamically developing companies, and the Puls Biznesu magazine awarded us the Business Gazelle prize. We are developing our sales network in Poland, the European Union, Eurasian countries, and North America.

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Our values

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The market needs of our customers drive us to develop our business continuously.
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We support at every stage of cooperation, which begins at the time of testing.
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We develop our system according to accepted principles and legal regulations.

Join the Proget team

Our company is driven by a dedicated team at its core. The management board and the organization’s core consist of the same individuals. We do not enforce corporate standards; we prioritize partnerships and maintain a flat organizational structure. Due to the continuous growth in the cybersecurity sector, we are constantly expanding. You can submit your application even if we are not hiring.

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Job offers
You can find current job offers on our account on the pracuj.pl portal.
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Building cybersec awareness

Our industry requires a proactive approach to cybersecurity, and we are fully committed to this cause. We aim to educate about cyber threats and promote good cyber hygiene practices daily. Our ongoing participation in the government initiative PWCyber and membership in the Cyber Made in Poland cluster further demonstrate this dedication.

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Certified producer

You can trust that we maintain your organization’s data security at the highest level. All activities and processes are the result of well-thought-out and continuously improved procedures. Make an informed choice and choose a supplier that undergoes regular certification and operates according to ISO 27001 standards.

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Proget Sp. z o.o.
Warszawska 28 street
43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Company details
KRS: 0000415823
NIP: 547 21 42 508
REGON: 242890294
General contact
office [at] proget.pl