BYOD policy

Privacy and security on employee’s devices

Separate spaces for data on the device

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an approach that allows employees to use their devices for work purposes. However, the implementation of this model brings security and corporate data management issues with it. The inviolability of employee privacy also remains an essential aspect. The Proget system allows administrators to manage the protection of the company’s space – depending on the operating system and how the device is deployed. The employee, on the other hand, can enjoy the ability to use their favorite device, both for private and business purposes, without worrying that the company can interfere with their personal space. These capabilities support implementing a more secure policy for BYOD in organizations.

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Meet safety and compliance requirements

The Proget system allows administrators to realistically secure company data and manage the Personal Profile in Profile Owner mode – without interfering with sensitive employee information. The organization gets access only to corporate applications and data, which guarantees complete privacy of the user on their Personal Profile, following current regulations. In addition to blocking the flow of data between the work and personal spaces, capabilities to protect the business space include:

  • a dedicated password policy, including the ability to completely delete a profile after exceeding the allowed number of password unlock attempts,
  • remote data erasure, without compromising the employee’s private information.
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Utilize BYOD across various industries and organizations

IT industry
Media industry
Finance and insurance
Mobile and remote workers
Start-ups and small businesses

Remain flexible and support productivity

A correctly implemented BYOD policy entails greater flexibility for employees. It allows them to use tools and technologies with which they are familiar, so they don’t have to waste time learning how to use new equipment. This, in turn, leads to greater efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction at work. The Proget solution provides not only a properly prepared environment for remote work but also secure access to company resources from anywhere.

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Reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment

In the BYOD model, employees who own their devices are responsible for purchasing and maintaining them. This practice reduces expenses and allows the IT team to focus on more strategic tasks – rather than spending time on routine equipment selection and maintenance. In addition, when new employees are hired, they already have their own devices ready for use, requiring only deployment to the Proget console and configuration of the work space.

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