Public Safety

Recommended MDM
for the public sector

Auto-enrollment and configuration

Quickly deploy and configure equipment

Data security begins at the device deployment stage. Ensuring that equipment is configured correctly before processing the first sensitive information becomes crucial. The Proget system allows you to remotely and consistently configure the fleet following your organization’s policies and changing regulations. With the option to mass deploy equipment to the console, you can quickly gain control of your growing fleet. When your organization receives a larger batch of equipment, for example, as part of a grant, you can efficiently configure and transfer equipment to users while maintaining the highest level of security.

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Protect data in accordance with regulations

Public institutions are particularly vulnerable to hacking attacks. On the other hand, the strongly advancing digitalization forces organizations to secure citizens’ and their own employees data more extensively and effectively. The Proget solution is an effective and recommended tool that facilitates compliance with current regulations and legal requirements (e.g., GDPR). It also enables implementing a range of security policies and incident prevention procedures.

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Impose consistent
security policies
Rules for the type and possible construction of passwords, encryption, locking the device and access to its specific functions.
Act preventively
with MTP profile
Selection of automatic reactions in response to detected security incidents – on monitored devices, applications and networks.
Protect data in case
of loss or theft
Remote reset of the device or deletion of selected data from it. Ability to temporarily lock the device and restore data.
Application management

Control applications and their permissions

The Proget system allows you to distribute applications – including enterprise, web, or self-hosted – remotely and securely, with the ability to impose automatic updates on them. Get a tool to pre-configure your resources, synchronize your email profile, and upload your current business contact book or document files, allowing you to ensure that your employees always have up-to-date tools for their work, regardless of location. Restrict access to unwanted applications, such as social networking sites, which significantly strain data packet consumption. Consciously control the access given to apps to make sure they don’t use the camera or microphone without the user’s knowledge.

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Remote support

Remote support for devices and users

Users are not always proficient with the equipment they work with, which can lead to problems when a device malfunctions or application difficulties arise. Providing immediate technical support becomes crucial, especially for employees operating in the field or during a critical action. With Proget’s solution, the administrator can remotely take control of the device and view its screen, eliminating the need for physical presence and increasing accessibility. Provide support anywhere, anytime – whenever it’s needed.

Proget Remote app desktop, view on laptop and phone

Manage everything remotely

Proget functionalities audit and inventory of devices
Inventory of devices
Keep an inventory of equipment, control the history of use and turnover of equipment.
Proget functionalities application management
Blacklisted applications
Control the content of your device for installed applications, create whitelists and blacklists.
Proget functionalities cost reduction
Cost reduction
Reduce costs by updating and configuring devices remotely. Limit your data usage.
Proget functionalities VPN configuration
VPN configuration
Configure access to local company resources remotely and efficiently.
Proget functionalities location
Gain control over where devices are located, including those that are constantly in motion.
Proget functionalities device locking
Device locking
Completely lock down any device you lose control of in case it is lost or stolen.
Proget functionalities address book
Address book
Distribute and automatically update contacts on all company devices.
Proget functionalities BYOD support
BYOD support
Secure business data on private devices implemented in the BYOD model.

Practical use of the Proget solution

Proget enables the distribution on mobile devices of a dedicated ATAK application, which allows one to supervise the activities of search groups – determining the location using the GPS positioning system and providing access to interactive maps of the task area and sharing information. With the grouping of users, the administrator can send dedicated messages from the console, thus further improving search operations.

The Proget solution allows to collectively limit the use of devices to a single app, serving students for a specific purpose, such as an app that provides access to school textbooks or resources from the library. This will prevent students from accessing the device’s classic apps, allowing them to focus on specific educational tasks and learning.

Using the Proget system, the administrator can group users based on their actual organizational structure: names, ranks, units, etc. Dedicated messages can be distributed from the console to defined groups, also according to prepared templates, which can make continuous contact more effective during ongoing actions or in situations of limited communication with the unit.

Proget enables location monitoring of mobile devices, which can help police track officers in the field or in emergencies such as searching for missing persons or responding to emergencies. Location monitoring can be done in three modes: on-demand, time interval, or on the move. Based on the collected data, a history of equipment movement is created. When the organization loses control of a service device (for example, if it is lost or stolen), it is possible to lock it and erase its data.

Certified vendor and direct support for all functionalities

When you work with Proget, you can rest assured that the security of your company’s data is maintained at the highest level and that all activities and processes implemented result from well-thought-out and continuously improved procedures. Choose consciously and bet on a provider that undergoes regular certifications and operates under ISO 27001.

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Reliable technical support
You can access technical support as early as when you test the system. We provide full support for all the functionality in the Proget console.
Pre-sales consultations
Take advantage of free assistance from our engineers and learn about the functionalities that meet your needs, while you are still testing the system.
Efficient and fast migration
Free yourself from the time-consuming process. By using proven procedures and ready-made applications, we will limit user interaction to just a few clicks.
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