On-premise or cloud

Choose what you need

Proget solution distributed in SaaS model

This is ideal for customers who want to start working with the system right away. It does not require time-consuming planning, DevOps specialists, or the possible purchase or maintenance of your own servers. With the cloud, you will gain system mobility and access to it from any location and device. In addition, by choosing a cloud solution, you will have constant and immediate access to system updates and patches.

Proget cloud, cloud icon with the word SaaS
Proget cloud:
  • quick system startup,
  • without investing in own servers and their maintenance,
  • software mobility,
  • constant access to updates.
Proget on-premise:
  • maintaining full control over the environment and resources,
  • self-configuration of infrastructure, permissions and availability
  • no subscription fees charged.

Solution installed in the resources of your own Data Center

This deployment model is recommended for industries expecting complete control over the system and resources. Retain the ability to self-configure the entire infrastructure, manage permissions and availability levels. Customize the system to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Proget on-premise, house-server icon

What will your next step be?

Start with a free trial. You can access all system capabilities, a technical support portal, a practical knowledge base, and an admin community. If you decide to purchase, you can keep your account without losing the data and devices you have deployed.

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