Application management

Comprehensive mobile application management


Upload applications
to the admin console

To manage applications, you need to add them to the Proget system console. Depending on the type of application (store, enterprise, self-hosted, web) this can be done with:

  • official app stores (e.g. Google Play, App Store),
  • enterprise tools (e.g., Apps and Books),
  • .apk files,
  • external resource.
application control, adding applications from the Google Play store in the Proget console
application control, configuration
Configure application settings and give them only the necessary permissions.
application control, distribution
Remotely provide required applications, whether from official stores, from a file or resource.
ISO 27001 standard icon on the shield
Set rules related to the installation of applications. Stop, block, and delete the apps.
application control, updates
Control mandatory updates and check versions of installed applications.

Deploy configuration
and grant permissions

Proget allows you to automate the process of configuring an application – by changing selected settings based on a scheme that the developer of a particular program provides.

  • Deploy configurations to designated user groups or to specific devices.
  • Assign policies for using applications – set rules related to installing and updating business applications or permissions for users.
  • Grant permissions for specific applications, e.g. do not allow them to use the microphone, camera, memory and many others.
application control, application policy

Provide applications to users

Distribute applications as required – either for a given group of users or for specific devices. Install necessary programs silently, without user intervention. Decide where employees will find the applications they need for their work.

Official app store
Allow users to download and install apps from official stores such as Google Play.
  • store apps
  • enterprise apps
  • web apps
Company store in Proget
You can add optional applications to it and let users decide whether to install them.
  • store apps
  • enterprise apps
  • web apps
  • self-hosted apps
Kiosk mode
Deploy devices in this mode to limit them to a specific application or set you define.
  • store apps
  • enterprise apps
  • web apps
  • self-hosted apps

Limit unwanted installations, block and remove applications

Regardless of the distribution method, the Application rules Profile allows you to block the installation of blacklisted applications. Meanwhile, the Mobile Threat Prevention lets you configure automatic responses when detecting an attempt to install an application that contains untrusted administrator privileges or has been flagged as potentially dangerous. The Proget system also enables you to either clear an application data or delete the app – at any time. It also provides the ability to lock and unlock applications.

application control, application rule profile in Proget console

Check application versions
and control updates

The Proget console allows monitoring of current application parameters, including checking what app versions have been installed on devices. The administrator can control mandatory updates by selecting the time interval in which they are to be carried out. In this way, the system makes it possible to avoid spontaneous updates when the user is actively using the device.

application control, application update

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