Windows management

Managing the Windows system

Provide safe equipment ready for use

The Proget solution allows administrators to freely control Windows laptops and desktop units, remotely manage resources, and provide essential protection for business data. With Proget, you will configure devices according to company policy and employee needs. ActiveSync support will allow you to configure an email profile for a device user automatically. You will quickly and easily connect to the Microsoft Exchange mail server and synchronize data (emails, calendar, contacts) securely, making it easier for employees to use the new equipment.

Windows devices, monitor screen and laptop

Leverage user profiles

The Proget system works with the Microsoft Entra (Active Directory) service, which is used to manage employee identities and access to external resources. The integration lets you import existing user profiles directly into the Proget console. You can use them to register a user on the device, thus optimizing the time needed to prepare the hardware.

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Establish rules for using the devices

Proget policies allow you to configure and enforce rules regarding the use of passwords on all managed Windows devices. These can include restrictions such as:

  • requiring a password on the device,
  • minimum password length,
  • password expiration,
  • maximum inactivity time after which the device will automatically lock itself,
  • number of attempts to unlock.

The policy set for Windows also allows you to manage your device’s protection options with the BitLocker tool. This is a built-in solution that provides disk data encryption on Microsoft’s operating system. By setting policies for BitLocker, you can enable and configure encryption on devices and internal drives to suit your needs.

Administrators have the ability to control how the device will be used on a daily basis. With Proget policies, the IT team can both block and allow access to a variety of functionalities, including:

  • camera,
  • location services,
  • mobile data,
  • WiFi network,
  • VPN.

Secure company data

Proget provides comprehensive protection of company information from unauthorized access, eliminating the risk of data leakage. If control of a company laptop, tablet, or Windows phone is lost, such as through loss or theft, an administrator can use the system to:

  • remotely lock the device,
  • wipe the data from it,
  • reset the equipment to factory settings.
IT administrator with a laptop in the server room

Get a quick overview of the operation of the devices

Manufacturer and model of device
Version of operating system
Battery condition
Usage of internal memory and RAM
Operator and roaming
Mobile and WiFi network IP
Apps installed

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