Efficient MDM for the production industry

Kiosk mode

Improve productivity and safety at work

Minimizing errors and distractions is a priority for goods whose production requires control and precision. Devices must be configured to perform specific tasks. Kiosk mode restricts the company’s hardware to selected applications so that an ordinary business phone can be transformed into a dedicated tool – useful when the company does not have specialized rugged devices. By blocking functions that can negatively affect concentration, the Kiosk mode ensures security in conditions requiring focus.

Proget mobility management for production, warehouse worker with tablet

Easily deploy different types of devices

Manufacturing companies often use various equipment – from simple smartphones or laptops to terminals and ruggedized devices. Collectively registering these can be difficult, especially in distributed or large-scale plants. With the Proget system, the administrator can, from a single intuitive console, mass deploy devices and configure them according to company policy using a unique auto-enrollment feature. When a company decides to open a new plant or expand an existing one, auto-enrollment enables all equipment to be prepared quickly, collectively, and remotely.

various mobile devices with the Proget console: desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphones, rugged devices
Data security

Protect valuable industry data

Manufacturing operations require compliance with various regulations: laws and sectoral rules. Competitive advantage also depends on effectively securing trade secrets, recipes, test reports, new designs, and prototypes, which are increasingly stored on mobile devices. The Proget system allows you to implement security policies, configure automatic responses to incidents (Mobile Threat Prevention profile), remotely lock devices, and delete data in the event of equipment loss.

Proget mobility management for production, helmeted factory workers use tablet
Remote support

Quickly restore smooth operation of equipment

When manufacturing companies invest in mobile devices, they want to ensure that they operate smoothly and contribute to productivity. Proget MDM provides a remote desktop function that allows you to efficiently troubleshoot technical issues with your equipment and keep your plant running. It allows you to take control of the equipment from any location and view its settings freely. Remote diagnosis and repair of faults minimises downtime, reduces potential financial losses and contributes to maximising productivity.

Proget Remote app desktop, view on laptop and phone

Manage everything remotely

Proget functionalities address book
Address book
Distribute and automatically update contacts on all company devices.
Proget functionalities BYOD support
BYOD support
Secure business data on private devices implemented in the BYOD model.
Proget functionalities VPN configuration
VPN configuration
Configure access to local company resources, remotely and efficiently.
Proget functionalities audit and inventory of devices
Inventory of devices
Keep an inventory of equipment, control the history of use and turnover of equipment.
Proget functionalities reports
Get detailed summaries
of system data, set up periodic reports sent to e-mail addresses.
Proget functionalities location
Gain control over where devices are located, including those that are constantly in motion.
Proget functionalities policies
Set and impose different rules: for specific groups of users or selected devices.
Proget functionalities device sharing
Device sharing
Create a dedicated work
space: on one device, for
many users.

Certified vendor and direct support for all functionalities

When you work with Proget, you can rest assured that the security of your company’s data is maintained at the highest level and that all activities and processes implemented result from well-thought-out and continuously improved procedures. Choose consciously and bet on a provider that undergoes regular certifications and operates under ISO 27001.

password-protected computer and phone screen, ISO 27001 logo shield
Reliable technical support
You can access technical support as early as when you test the system. We provide full support for all the functionality in the Proget console.
Pre-sales consultations
Take advantage of free assistance from our engineers and learn about the functionalities that meet your needs, while you are still testing the system.
Efficient and fast migration
Free yourself from the time-consuming process. By using proven procedures and ready-made applications, we will limit user interaction to just a few clicks.
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