All-in-One platform

A range of features.
No additional fees.

laptop, monitor and tablet with a view of the Proget console

How does the Proget All-in-One system differ from tiered solutions?

Proget All-in-One
  • Comprehensive suite of functionalities available for a single fee.
  • Technical support for all features, provided by Proget.
  • Continuous availability of functionalities, developed consistently with the entire system.
Competitive solutions
  • Access to the various functionalities depends on the selected package or price tier.
  • Technical support for features may be provided by third party companies.
  • Availability of functionalities depending on continuity of cooperation with a third party.

How does the All-in-One solution work?

Proget is a proprietary All-in-One platform. This means all functionalities in the console are inherently integrated into the system. Not reliant on third-party solutions, our team exclusively develops these features within the capabilities provided to us by the manufacturers of the leading operating systems for mobile devices, such as Android or Apple.

Proget all-in-one platform, all features

What are the benefits of choosing an All-in-One system?

One great benefit is that there are no additional or hidden costs. Each single license provides full access to all features of the Proget console. If you encounter any issues, our team will provide technical support. You won’t be redirected to the manufacturer for help, as we have developed our solution comprehensively and understand every aspect of it.

icons for various functionalities within the Proget All-in-One platform

Discover selected Proget features

Remote support
Use a remote desktop
and support users with problems on the device.
Mobile Threat Prevention
Set up automatic responses
to security incidents and act preventively.
Gain control over where devices are located, including those that are constantly in motion.
Application management
Control the content of your device for installed applications, create whitelists and blacklists.
Kiosk mode
Lock the device to a specific function so that it runs a selected application or set of applications.
BYOD support
Secure business data
on private devices implemented
in the BYOD model.

What will your next step be?

Start with a free trial. You can access all system capabilities, a technical support portal, a practical knowledge base, and an admin community. If you decide to purchase, you can keep your account without losing the data and devices you have deployed.

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