Mobile workers

MDM to manage
remote and mobile work

BYOD support

Protect data on employees’ private devices

BYOD policy carries the risk of security threats to business data. The Proget system allows you to divide device space into two Profiles – Personal, managed by the employee, and Work, managed by the organization. This segregation protects the information stored in the business space from potential attacks and accidental user actions that could harm the organization. This way, the employee can use preferred equipment, and the company can control and protect confidential information.

Proget mobility management for mobile workers, man with business phone and laptop
Applications and data distribution

Provide essential and up-to-date applications

With Proget, the IT team can configure devices to include all the tools mobile workers need. The console allows the distribution and installation of applications, the configuration and synchronization of an email profile, uploading of an up-to-date business contact book and document files. For example, if a sales representative, while meeting with a customer, receives a message about an offer refresh, the administrator can instantly make a set of new materials available on his device, which will download automatically.

Proget mobility management for mobile workers, woman with business phone and laptop at coffee shop

Ensure the security of company data

Configure security policies
Set the rules for passwords, locking and encrypting devices, and access to certain functions.
Act preventively with MTP profile
Select from various automatic reactions in response to detected security incidents.
Protect against loss or theft
Remotely delete and restore all or only business data, full reset of the device to factory settings.

Control the location of devices

When a company’s fleet is dispersed and in constant motion, viewing the location of individual devices streamlines their management and increases the security level of personnel. Proget allows you to monitor the location of equipment in three different modes: on-demand, in a time interval, or on the move. Based on the collected data, a history of equipment movement is created. When the company loses control of a business device (for example, if it has been lost or stolen), checking its location can be helpful when trying to recover the equipment.

woman in car holds phone with navigation app
Cost control

Reduce unnecessary expenses

Mobile and remote work can generate enormous communication costs (including international calls, roaming, and data transmission). Proget solution offers various tools: call reports, whitelisting of countries for communications services, blocking data roaming or making and receiving calls and messages. This enables effectively monitoring and controlling the amount of data transferred. Access to information on the mobile communications carried out translates into optimizing the budget allocated to it and reducing its costs.

Proget mobility management for mobile workers, man with tablet sits on stairs

Manage everything remotely

Proget functionalities Kiosk mode
Kiosk mode
Lock the device to a specific function so that it runs a selected application or set of applications.
Proget functionalities auto-enrollment


Deploy new devices remotely, quickly and in bulk. Configure them in line with company policy.
Proget functionalities remote support
Remote support
Use a remote desktop and support users with problems on the device.
Proget functionalities apps on the move
Apps on the move
Block applications based on the speed of the device they are installed on.
Proget functionalities audit and inventory of devices
Inventory of devices
Keep an inventory of equipment, control the history of use and turnover of equipment.
Proget functionalities device locking
Device locking
Completely lock down any device you lose control of in case it is lost or stolen.
Proget functionalities reports
Get detailed summaries
of system data, set up periodic reports sent to e-mail addresses.
Proget functionalities application management
Application management
Control the content of your device for installed applications, create whitelists and blacklists.

Certified vendor and direct support for all functionalities

When you work with Proget, you can rest assured that the security of your company’s data is maintained at the highest level and that all activities and processes implemented result from well-thought-out and continuously improved procedures. Choose consciously and bet on a provider that undergoes regular certifications and operates under ISO 27001.

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Reliable technical support
You can access technical support as early as when you test the system. We provide full support for all the functionality in the Proget console.
Pre-sales consultations
Take advantage of free assistance from our engineers and learn about the functionalities that meet your needs, while you are still testing the system.
Efficient and fast migration
Free yourself from the time-consuming process. By using proven procedures and ready-made applications, we will limit user interaction to just a few clicks.
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