Mobile Threat Prevention

Automatic responses to incidents

Automate and take preventive action

Use the ready-made list of potential security incidents to configure dynamic protection and optimize your daily prevention efforts. You can choose from various automatic reactions that will be implemented in response to detected threats. This will enable you to tailor actions to your specific needs and the characteristics of a particular infrastructure.

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Effectively secure devices, applications and networks

Mobile Threat Prevention monitors devices, applications, and networks for potential security threats. It also allows you to set up automatic reactions to detected incidents. The profile proactively counters breaches and responds to threats before they become serious problems. With this feature, you’ll achieve complete real-time security for your company’s mobile ecosystem and avoid potential damage and its consequences.

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Multi-level mechanism

An organization’s mobile device security strategy should address a broad spectrum of areas where incidents could potentially occur. Mobile Threat Prevention is an enhanced, automated protection designed to identify anomalies and counter threats at all key levels.

In the context of mobile device protection, Mobile Threat Prevention monitors and responds to the following events:

  • detecting files used for rooting,
  • fake device location,
  • developer options enabled,
  • disabled SELinux,
  • no password on the device,
  • no encryption on the device,
  • BlueBorne vulnerability.

Mobile Threat Prevention actively ensures the security of applications by monitoring the installation process:

  • detecting the installation of an application with untrusted administrator privileges,
  • detecting the installation of applications marked as unauthorized or unsafe,
  • the ability to define a whitelist and blacklist of applications.

Mobile Threat Prevention monitors network packets for anomalies. It reacts to events:

  • device connecting to an unsecured or untrusted WiFi network,
  • DNS configuration change,
  • Gateway configuration change,
  • proxy configuration change on the device.

Continuous real-time protection

Keep your devices secure – regardless of their connection to a GSM or WiFi network. The Mobile Threat Prevention Profile guarantees comprehensive protection against potential threats even when the device is offline, eliminating the risk of security vulnerabilities.

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Utilize advanced capabilities of the All-in-One system

Mobile Threat Prevention is a feature developed as part of the Proget system; thus, we can talk about our solution as an All-in-One platform. This means that you will get access to Mobile Threat Prevention at no extra charge as part of the purchased license. Moreover, you’ll also get our full technical support for this feature – we won’t send you back to the end service provider because we are it. Freely manage everything that is important to your organization with Proget.

Proget All-in-One platform MTP functionality

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