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Net Complex becomes a Certified Partner of the Proget system

Magdalena Martens-Patyńska


1 min

Net Complex has been granted the status of a Certified Partner of the Proget system. Certification guarantees practical knowledge and familiarity with the Proget system, thanks to which the customer can receive support from the partner as early as at the sales level.

Obtaining this prestigious distinction is also evidence of strengthening our cooperation and the partner’s desire to develop their range of services (as part of product support).

We are proud to emphasize that we have been focused on developing our services and providing the highest quality solutions for our business customers for years. Our mission is based on continuously improving technology and knowledge to meet the latest trends and market needs. We are pleased to thank Proget for the cooperation and trust they have shown us over the years. We place great importance on the professionalism of our team, so gaining certification by our specialists is a significant achievement. We believe that a commitment to continuously developing our employees’ skills is crucial in providing our customers with the highest level of service in security and mobile device management.

Grzegorz Świrkowski, CEO, Net Complex

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