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Plus awarded with the status of Certified Partner of Proget system

Magdalena Martens-Patyńska


1 min

Plus, the mobile network operator receives the status of Certified Partner of the Proget system, which proves that the company is knowledgeable and competent in system operation and architecture, device deployment, AE/KME/ABM configuration, customization of the system, and best practices in configuring security.

Thanks to certification, the customer gains direct support from the partner beginning at the sales level, which shortens the purchasing process and speeds up implementation.

With Plus, we are linked by many years of cooperation and mutual trust. It is with great satisfaction that we observe their continuous development and building competencies in cybersecurity. Recent months show how much can be achieved with a partner focusing on high-quality service and customer support. The ultimate confirmation of this is obtaining the title of Certified Partner of the Proget system.

Magdalena Gluch, Business Development Director, Proget

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One of the strategic pillars on which we have built the trust of our business clients over the years is the continuous development of solutions based on the latest technological trends and the ongoing professionalization of our team’s expertise. The mutual commitment to improving our cooperation with Proget directly affects our customers’ business development. We are pleased that with the certification obtained, our specialists have confirmed their high competence, and we are confident that business customers will receive the highest level of service in the security and mobile device management field.

Dominika Jachymek, Product Manager B2B, Plus