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Find out how Proget system secured Daw-Trans’ shipping documents

Magdalena Martens-Patyńska


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The challenge – safety and timeliness

Daw-Trans performs both national and international road transports. It places a very high emphasis on the safety and timeliness of deliveries, and consequently: on the safe driving of each of its drivers. It also uses many electronic documents during foreign forwarding, which it must secure.

Proget mobility management for transport and logistics, Daw-Trans trucking company

The solution – Proget system

The Proget EMM platform allowed Daw-Trans company to implement a profile for secure management of business documents from the console and to use Kiosk mode on devices. The system also enabled the use of a device location feature and blocking apps on the move.

Features applied




on the move

Benefits of the implementation

  • Secure management of business documents.
  • Limiting devices to selected functions.
  • Controlling the location of each device, and therefore each driver and transport.
  • Ensuring the safety of drivers by blocking selected apps while driving.
Proget mobility management for transport and logistics, truck driver talks on phone

Customer recommendation

So far, our cooperation with Proget Sp. z o.o. has been smooth. We are satisfied with the level of services provided and thus we can recommend the company as a reliable and solid software provider.

Tomasz Wiwatowski, Executive Director
Daw-Trans Sp. z o.o.

Check out the Proget solution for logistics and transportation.

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