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Reinert Logistics challenge: keeping drivers safe and focused on the road

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The challenge – security and optimization

Reinert Logistics is a German transport and logistics company with more than 30 years of experience in the market. It has 950 employees in 9 locations and provides its services with a fleet of 600 vehicles. Its top priority is to operate ecologically and by the “safety first” principle to ensure maximum security for employees, the company, and the environment at every stage of its activities.

The customer reported three problems. First, they wanted to manage the use of packet data on company SIM cards outside the country, which generated excessive costs. Second, the organization wanted to prevent its drivers from using company devices to watch videos while driving, which could not be effectively enforced by regulations. Third, the client wanted to optimize the time spent by administrators on preparing and configuring new mobile devices.

Proget mobility management for transport and logistics, truck from Reinert Logistics

The solution – Proget system

The implementation of the Proget system in Reinert Logistics has allowed the organization to control roaming costs – by creating a whitelist of countries where company packet data is allowed. Through the Proget console, the use of company SIM cards on devices not belonging to the company was blocked.

To meet the requirements for controlling the applications that drivers use while driving, a special functionality has been prepared – apps on the move. It allows the administrator to hide designated applications while driving. As a result, only the most necessary programs are active on the device, and the others do not distract the driver and lower their concentration.

Features applied


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Benefits of the implementation

  • Reducing data roaming costs.
  • Effectively blocking the ability to use unnecessary apps while driving.
  • Reducing the time spent by IT staff on configuring new devices.
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Check out the Proget solution for logistic and transportation.

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