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How Proget has standardised the configuration of devices at El-Logic

Agnieszka Pierlak


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The challenge – standardizing configuration

El-Logic is a rapidly growing Polish company specializing in industrial installations. The client approached us with a need to streamline the way they manage company devices and standardize the list of applications used by employees, their rapid deployment on new devices, and the ability to manage dedicated applications.

Proget mobility management for installation industry, factory worker, quality control

The solution – Proget system

The implementation of the devices into the system and the application of appropriate policies allowed for the highest level of security and ongoing monitoring of activity on the El-Logic company equipment.

The Proget system made it possible to assign employees to defined groups and add applications to them. As a result, when a new device is activated, the applications necessary for the position are installed automatically.

In turn, the addition of the customers’ applications to the Proget console has made it possible to manage them on the company’s devices. As a result, their updates can be done remotely, collectively and whenever they are required.

Features applied



Working time

Application management

Benefits of the implementation

  • Standardizing the list of applications used by employees in El-Logic company.
  • Full control over the company’s mobile devices, thus increasing the organization’s security level.
  • Automating the installation and the ability to remotely and collectively update dedicated applications.
  • Optimizing the time needed to prepare equipment for new employees.
Proget mobility management for the installation industry, electrician with rugged tablet

Customer recommendation

We wholeheartedly recommend Proget Sp. z o.o. as a reputable MDM/UEM solution provider that not only met our expectations, but also provided features that gave us full control over our company’s mobile devices.

Grzegorz Kulawik, company owner
El-Logic Sp. z o.o.

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