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Integration with Android Zero-Touch and on-premise deployment at Polatom

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The challenge – device deployment and on-premise implementation

POLATOM is a Polish institution with over 60 years of experience in producing high-quality radiopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits. Its products reach more than 2,000 customers in 80 countries on all continents. They are used not only in medicine but also in science, industry, and environmental protection. POLATOM also conducts scientific research and development work, focusing on improving methods of producing radioisotopes and their integration into new drugs – for applications in diagnostics and therapy, including cancer.

The customer expected full integration of the EMM system with the Android Zero-Touch service on Nokia-branded devices. An additional requirement was the implementation of the vendor’s server as part of the cloud solution, which is currently used in the organization.

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The solution – Proget system

After implementing the Proget system in the customer’s cloud, it was successfully integrated with the Android Zero-Touch service. This made deploying new devices more efficient and faster, streamlining the work of IT professionals. The Proget application automatically installs on devices when they are connected to the Internet, while client administrators can activate devices directly from the Proget console.

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Benefits of the implementation

  • Implementation of the Proget system in the client’s cloud and its integration with the already existing infrastructure.
  • Automation of the device deployment process through integration with Android Zero-Touch.
  • Streamlining the IT team’s operations.
  • Working conveniently from a single console.
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Check out the Proget solution for medical industry.

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