Technical training schedule

Technical training schedule

I. Presentation of the pre-configured Proget console

Going through each console’s tab available, describing each component’s purpose.

II. Comparison of the activations available in the system

  1. Android Enterprise integration
    • preparing integration.
  2. Apple integration
    • Apple Push Notification Service integration configuration,
    • enrolling iOS devices.
  3. Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment integration
    • preparing integration.
  4. Device deployment using Android Enterprise Device Owner and Profile Owner activations (including Samsung device deployment using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment).
  5. Comparison of functionality available for Device Owner versus Profile Owner.
  6. Description of additional integrations available:
    • Apple Business Manager,
    • Apps & Books.

III. Initial configuration of the new Proget console

  1. SMTP configuration.
  2. LDAP connection configuration.
  3. Android Enterprise integration setup.
  4. Importing users:
    • from CSV file,
    • adding users from LDAP / preparing LDAP connectivity.
  5. Describing Proget Connector in terms of remote instance.
  6. Creating groups / assigning users to previously prepared groups.
  7. Creating example profiles / assigning profiles to previously prepared groups.
  8. Creating example policies / assigning policies to previously prepared groups
  9. Preparing device registration:
    • preparing automatic registration for devices,
    • customizing activation messages,
    • creating custom activation via user card.

IV. Application management

  1. Adding application from Google Play Store.
  2. Adding application from file.
  3. Adding applications from AppStore.
  4. Application configuration based on global variables.
  5. Service tab:
    • emergency recovery using security codes.

V. Q&A