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Proget MDM for logistics and transportation – expand your business and ensure security

Agnieszka Pierlak


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The transportation and logistics sector is now under more pressure than ever. Companies are looking for a way to balance making deliveries as quickly, efficiently, and cheaply as possible while ensuring safety of drivers and sensitive data processed.

They are eliminating non-optimal manual and paper-based operations by massively deploying mobile devices. Unfortunately – numerous, dispersed, often improperly secured and managed fleets of devices can become a source of entirely new problems.

Using the right mobility management tool can support the following:

  • achieving business goals,
  • maximizing the level of quality and security of services provided,
  • meeting legal requirements for data protection.

Proget, a dedicated MDM / UEM class system, is the solution to these challenges. Equipped with a range of functionalities, its application can significantly enhance the operations of any company in the transport and logistics industry, offering a promising path forward.

Application management

The inability to assign specific applications on company devices or block certain programs can result in equipment misuse. This not only distracts and impairs employee productivity. Sometimes, it can even lead to breaking the law and exposing drivers to real danger, such as using the phone for entertainment while driving.

The Proget system’s Kiosk mode allows you to restrict device usage to a certain set of applications. These can include navigation, communication, and company-specific essential business programs.

In addition, a particular function for blocking apps on the move makes it easier to protect drivers. It works by analyzing the speed at which the device (and its user) is moving. As the speed increases, only those apps that the administrator deems most necessary remain active. This will not only make the driver more focused but also safer. In turn, this will give the company a guarantee that its employees are following established rules.

Remote desktop

Today, many transportation and logistics organizations provide services globally. This causes a significant dispersion of equipment fleets during deliveries. In the event of problems with equipment or applications, it becomes crucial to provide immediate assistance to employees operating in the field or on the warehouse floors.

Proget Remote, a tool integrated into our system, allows you to remotely control a device and navigate its screen as if the administrator had the phone in hand. This means employees no longer need to waste time on self-repair or interrupt an order to visit an office or service center. The result? A significant reduction in downtime and a substantial increase in operational efficiency for both parties.

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Roaming cost control

Foreign transport may increase the cost of data roaming on business mobile devices. By applying the appropriate policy in the Proget console (Device Owner mode), you can completely disable data roaming. Additionally, it is possible to create a whitelist of countries where the administrator permits the use of corporate packet data. This feature allows organizations to manage data transmission in locations where the cost of transferring even 1 GB can be unexpectedly high.

Data security and regulatory compliance

Employees of transportation and logistics companies are increasingly storing order-specific documents on their mobile devices. These devices contain a variety of data, including those of organizations and customers, which need to be secured in accordance with laws and industry regulations. Even one improperly protected and lost business device can pose a serious threat to information security. If a device is lost or stolen, the Proget system can remotely lock it and erase the memory.

Location and geofencing

Proget allows tracking the location of devices in three modes:

  • on demand,
  • in the time interval,
  • in motion,

creating a history of the device’s movement. The solution also allows you to configure the day and time when the location will be retrieved. The administrator can request a specific address, not just GPS coordinates. Using this feature gives IT professionals a general overview of where individual company devices are located. If a device is lost, the location data in the system allows an attempt to retrieve the equipment.

Proget’s geofencing feature, related to the location service, uses the GPS signal to create a virtual boundary of the actual geographic area. Within it, specific actions on devices can be triggered, such as assigning them an additional policy or profile.

If you are looking for a professional MDM solution for mobility management in transportation and logistics, check out how the Proget system works. Want to see a real example of its implementation? Read our industry case study. We also offer a free 30-day trial, which includes a complete set of functionalities and access to technical support and documentation.