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BPBP – managing a dispersed fleet of company devices with Proget system

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The challenge – managing a dispersed fleet

Bielskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego S.A. (BPBP) specializes in construction projects throughout the country. Many of the client’s employees work remotely and change their location depending on where the job is executed. As a result, administrators must effectively and efficiently manage the fleet remotely from a single console.​

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The solution – Proget system

The implementation of the Proget solution and the activation of equipment in Device Owner mode enabled BPBP to gain remote control of the fleet and manage it from a single platform.​

The system allowed remote configuration of the email client, and the installation of the Proget Remote application provided administrators with a tool to take remote control of the device if necessary.​

The address book feature has improved contact management and updating. The use of a corporate store profile has made it possible to limit access to unwanted applications and efficiently distribute business tools.​

Features applied


Benefits of the implementation

  • Comprehensive and remote control of the fleet.
  • Management from a single console.
  • Fully remote support for users of the company devices – with the ability to click on the screen.
  • Restricting access to unwanted applications.
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Customer recommendation

We are confident that the selection of Proget Sp. z o.o. as our MDM system provider will contribute to the achievement of our business goals, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a professional vendor.

Ewelina Walkowicz, CEO

Check out the Proget solution for construction industry.

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