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Find out how we solved the mail synchronisation problem at Murapol

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The challenge – synchronizing company mail

Murapol is one of Poland’s largest and most experienced residential developers, with a presence in 19 cities across the country. In its 23 years of operation, the company has completed 83 multi-phase developments, resulting in 424 buildings with more than 28,500 apartments. In addition, Murapol also specializes in the construction of retail and service units and modern investment apartments.

The client reported a problem with proper mail synchronization, which only worked on the company’s network. They also encountered difficulties using popular email clients, such as Outlook, on mobile devices. The company manages its internal mail using an IBM Lotus Domino system.

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The solution – Proget system

The Proget on-premise solution was implemented in the customer environment. The company’s devices were deployed in Profile Owner mode, and resources were divided into work and personal zones. This allowed the company’s mail to be configured on devices in the work zone. A properly configured IBM Verse app was used to deliver mail to Android devices. On iOS devices, on the other hand, mail was delivered using the native Mail app.

Features applied



Benefits of the implementation

  • Solving the problem of accessing and synchronizing mail on mobile devices operating outside the corporate network.
  • Reducing the time required to configure corporate mobile devices.
  • Aligning company security policies with GDPR requirements.
  • Providing multi-level data protection, including in the event of theft or loss of the device.
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