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New dimension of Technical Support for all Proget customers

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Comprehensive, constantly improved technical support is integral to working with our company. Acting on this value, we present the recently launched Technical Support Portal for Proget system users.

The service provides access to a vast knowledge base, enables request creation and tracking, and facilitates knowledge and experience sharing within the administrator community.

What awaits you on the new Support Portal?

Knowledge base

This is a comprehensive resource to complement and expand our Technical Documentation. It covers both theoretical basics and practical examples of using the Proget system, with detailed step-by-step instructions and procedures.

‘My Area’ tab

This is where you can create service requests and submit an idea for a new feature. From now on, you will also be able to track request status and history in a structured format from your account. The existing procedure for e-mail requests will remain unchanged.


The forum is for cooperation and the exchange of experiences between system users. Our experts, engineers, and developers will answer your questions and share their practical knowledge of Proget system usage and operation.

How can you access the Support Portal?

From now on, if you have active Proget Technical Support, you can self-register on the Support Portal. Select the ‘New User’ option, and use your company administrator email address to register.

Therefore, if you are not using the Proget system yet, sign up for its free 30-day trial version. After confirming it, you will receive an automatic invitation to the Support Portal, valid for the entire trial period. And finally, freely use everything you need for your work.

Move to a higher level of support.

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