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Proget 2.13 system release

Magdalena Martens-Patyńska


1 min

Let’s start with a brief presentation of the Proget 2.13 system

Want to know what you’ll find in the updated console? Here’s some news straight from the changelog.

The video was prepared with AI voiceover, which will present the most important changes in version 2.13 of our system. The material has subtitles, so you can also watch it without sound.

New functionalities in the Proget 2.13 system


Managed configuration for applications added from a file

From now on, you can create managed configurations for any application imported from an APK file. After processing the configuration scheme, you will get a form with fields to fill in the data.

Changing the assignment of application configurations

In version 2.13, we moved this option to the stage of assigning applications to groups. From now on, you can individually assign managed configurations in the device tab as well.

The change improves overall UX, provides greater scaling and heralds a broader expansion in more accurate application management.


Android OS update policy

From now on, you can enable automatic software updates or delay them for 30 days. Option available for Android Enterprise Device Owner and Profile Owner (COPE) policies.

A new field with information about available system-wide updates or security patches can be found in the device card and in the table under the ‘Devices’ tab.

A comprehensive solution for your business.

two phones side by side, view of screens with application icons


Data for Wi-Fi in QR Code

Execute more advanced activation scenarios with the ability to add Wi-Fi network data to QR codes generated for device activation.


The new version of the Proget app

We have refreshed the Proget application in terms of UI. We also added a notification icon in it, with a badge indicating the action required on the end user’s side – for example, as a result of administrator actions.