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Proget 2.12 system release

Magdalena Martens-Patyńska


2 min

Let’s start with a brief presentation of the Proget 2.12 system

Want to know what you’ll find in the updated console? Here’s some news straight from the changelog.

The video was prepared with AI voiceover, which will present the most important changes in version 2.12 of our system. The material has subtitles, so you can also watch it without sound.

New functionalities in the Proget 2.12 system


Dark console theme

Dark mode is now available – you can select it in your account settings.

UI/UX improvements

We have modified details that improve the overall perception of the application, redesigned the top bar and added a ❔– icon that will take you directly to the new help page.


Registration of Android devices in AAD

We have enabled the registration of Android devices in AAD, which will allow you to create a conditional access policy.

Improvements within the integration with AAD

We have improved the filters for synchronizing users with AAD. Now you can import AAD users from a file and narrow your search by attributes or groups.


Modern authentication with SMTP integration

In the 2.12 release, we also added the option to select modern authentication with SMTP integration (Google, Microsoft). You finally have the option to send activation instructions, notifications and direct messages to users via email.


New reports

We expanded the option to export information from tables in the ‘Users’, ‘Devices’, ‘Service’ and ‘Applications’ tabs with the ability to generate a report from specific columns.

Check out the capabilities of the Proget solution.

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Additional variables

We have enhanced global variables to include variables for device attributes – IMEI number, serial number or alias.


Improvements for devices registered in COPE mode

We added new security policies for devices registered in Work Profile (COPE) mode – disabling the ability to add accounts, USB debugging and blocking the installation of applications from unknown sources. In addition, we also provided private application rule configurations – defining whitelisting and blacklisting of applications in private space.

Audit information on the policies list

As of 2.12 release, the console will record information regarding the date of creation and modification of a given system component, as well as information regarding the user who made the last changes.


New version of the Proget Remote application

Finally, we have refreshed the UI and developed the application with the ability for the administrator to take remote control of any device running the Android operating system. From now on, administrator assistance will not only be faster, but even more effective.