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New functionalities in the Proget 2.15 system


Group priorities

Distribute policies, profiles, and applications thanks to Group priorities that eliminate conflicts for unique profiles. Manage them in a clear and organized way using a simple interface.


Backups tab

We have expanded the console with a ‘Backups’ tab, providing insight into all backups made in the system. You now have the opportunity to backup your contacts, call log and SMS and MMS messages before deploying the device to Proget. If you want to implement a mobile fleet in full management mode, you can easily make a backup copy of the devices you already use, then deploy them to the Proget system and restore the data.


Audit logs

Proget 2.15 introduces a solution that allows you to collect detailed information about activities in the system and on individual devices connected to the console. In the BETA version of the new ‘Audit logs’ tab, you will analyze all events, such as changes made while editing profiles. In the future, this feature will ensure effective monitoring of the IT team’s activities in the Proget system, as well as support integration with external solutions.

Information about groups, configurations, profiles

In the console, you will now find the creation and modification dates of items such as groups, configurations and profiles with information about the user who created or edited them.

Full package of features, at no extra charge.

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Connectivity Profile

In the Proget 2.15 release, we changed the structure of the Connectivity Profile to make its configuration more understandable and accessible.

Quick actions on table rows

From now on, when you hover over a selected row in each table, you will see a place with quick actions you can perform.

New notification banners

Notification banners in the system have gained a new look, dynamically depicting the work of system administrators.


New versions of the applications: Proget Backup and Proget File Sharing

In the Play Store, you will find new versions of the Proget Backup and Proget File Sharing applications. Proget Backup allows you to make a backup on the Proget server before deploying the device, facilitating the deployment of devices in full management mode.

In the Proget File Sharing application, we introduced the ability to interact with the device’s file manager and refreshed its UI, adapting it to other applications.