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Let’s start with a brief presentation of the Proget 2.14 system

Want to know what you’ll find in the updated console? Here’s some news straight from the changelog.

The video was prepared with AI voiceover, which will present the most important changes in version 2.14 of our system. The material has subtitles, so you can also watch it without sound.

New functionalities in the Proget 2.14 system


Custom Apple Configuration

We have added a brand new profile for Apple devices – Custom Apple Configuration. It will allow you to configure literally any profile on devices from this manufacturer, using the official documentation. You will find a wide range of capabilities of the new profile, along with ready-made examples of its use, after logging in the ‘Knowledge Base’ tab on the Proget Technical Support Portal.

Business Documents

We have expanded the parameters of the Business Documents Profile to allow you to share business documents even more efficiently. You can set them to automatically download to your devices without additional action, and the files are ready to use right away.

Mobile Threat Prevention

To this Profile, we have added the ability to enable automatic response to the lack of a password on a device. With it, you can proactively counteract data leakage and secure MTP-assigned devices even more effectively.


Adding an app from a resource in Android

From now on, in addition to importing applications from the Google Play Store or an APK file, you can also add an application file from a resource and install applications from an external source. This will enable you to distribute applications from external suppliers, especially apps with unusual parameters and size that exceeds the limitations of the Proget console.

Check out the capabilities of the Proget solution.

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Android OS update policy

Control mandatory updates by selecting the time frame in which they are to be performed. Avoid automatic updates while the user is working or actively using the device.


Displaying user attributes

Now in the user tab you will display all user attributes stored in Proget. Thanks to the available list, you can more easily verify the user data collected in the system and find out what configurations you can perform based on them.

New filtering in tables

We have introduced a new way of filtering data in Proget system tables. This makes it possible to further develop this function in the future and expand it with additional criteria. The tables are now clearer and you will find the information you need even faster. The existing filtering is still available – you can conveniently switch between both methods.


New version of the Proget Remote application

You can now use your computer’s keyboard to remotely use the keyboard of a connected device. We have also added a dynamic Proget Remote window, which allows you to conveniently move and change the size of the remote connection preview in the Proget console.