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Control of ticket checking equipment and remote support with Proget

Agnieszka Pierlak


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The challenge – equipment management and user support is a Polish company that has been working with major organizers of cultural and sports events for years. It provides a variety of services: production and distribution of tickets via the Internet and a network of sales outlets, information services for ticket buyers, event promotion, and rental of electronic access control devices for venues.

The client reported problems controlling the equipment rented to check tickets and difficulties installing and updating the company’s dedicated application. They also needed a tool to support the process of providing effective, remote assistance to users.

Proget mobility management for service industry, stadium, stands, pitch

The solution – Proget system

Thanks to Proget, company gained a thorough insight into the operation and status of the devices deployed to the system. By limiting unnecessary applications and allowing only business ones to be installed, it was possible to regain control over rented devices. In addition, it ensured that the equipment was used for its intended purpose.

Adding a dedicated application to the system has eliminated installation and update problems. The Proget solution has also made it possible to block calls, eliminating interference with proper hardware operation..

What’s more, the remote desktop feature allowed the client to monitor the proper operation of devices and applications on their own.

Features applied




Working time

Benefits of the implementation

  • Ongoing monitoring of the operation and condition of rented company equipment.
  • Monitoring the operation of the dedicated application and resolving problems with its installation and updating.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of user support through the use of remote connection to devices.
  • Streamlining the process of preparing new equipment for rent.
Proget mobility management for service industry, checking tickets on mobile device

Customer recommendation

We recommend the Proget solution for mobile device management. We are not only satisfied with the results associated with the implementation of the system, but also firmly believe that it will contribute to the achievement of our intended goals.

Marcin Krysiński, CEO service

Check out the Proget solution for services industry.

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