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Proget 2.11 system release

Magdalena Martens-Patyńska


1 min

Let’s start with a brief presentation of the Proget 2.11 system

Want to know what you’ll find in the updated console? Here’s some news straight from the changelog.

The video was prepared with AI voiceover, which will present the most important changes in version 2.11 of our system. The material has subtitles, so you can also watch it without sound.

New functionalities in the Proget 2.11 system


Changed general view

We’ve simplified the general view to include only actions that are available regardless of the platform or source of the application. The rest of the actions are accessible from within a given application and are now clickable elements.


Expanding business contacts

In addition to the standard contact information, you will find new columns where you can add: company name, department and job title.

New profile – Certificate mapping

Proget 2.11 includes a brand new feature – Certificate mapping Profile. It applies to devices registered in any Android Enterprise mode. It allows you to associate a certificate profile or SCEP profile with a specific URL.

Full package of features, at no extra charge.

tablet and phone, home screen view with application icons


AEWP work space blocking

From now on you can lock the work space. You can use the feature in case the device is lost or the employee turns out to be not quite honest.

Access to global Google Play

In version 2.11, we added a new Android Enterprise activation mode policy, which will allow you to enable users to access the full version of the Google Play store in the enterprise app store from the console.

Locating the device by address

Within the stored location history of Android devices, you will find an additional column with address data. It allows you to easily determine the location of a device by having its actual address, not just the coordinates themselves.


Additional improvements

You can narrow your reports to only data associated with the indicated group when creating the report. We have also added a predefined report that checks whether the assigned business applications have been installed on the device.